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- The modern drawers collection

The modern style of our drawers and nightstands, all made with solid wood, will transform your room into a unique and well-equipped place.

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Drawers for bedrooms and sevens

One bedroom not è complete if not è furnished with additional containers that make the 26-rsquo; environment more organized and orderly. We are talking about bedside cabinets and drawers that, developing in height or width, allow you to equip the sleeping area, offering additional storage space compared to that offered by the 26-cupboard. In choosing these pieces of furniture it is necessary not only to evaluate the space available but also to recreate, by means of shapes and finishes, a distinctive style that harmoniously characterizes the bedroom. That's whyé we at Fratelli Mirandola have designed and produced wooden chests of drawers and cupboards with the più in mind; different tastes d’ furnishing, finding solutions suitable for any environment, whether classic or modern. In fact, there are 7 collections that house our precious and original complements d’ furniture for the night area.