Classic and Victorian sofas and armchairs

Sofas and armchairs are central furnishings all’ interior of the living area, sinceé they offer comfort and relaxation and allow guests to be accommodated in the interior of a space that has always been è synonym of representation. Our collection of sofas and armchairs, in addition to guaranteeing comfortà ergonomics and solidityà is distinguished by a 26-rsquo; high elegance and a sober style, typical of classic furniture of excellent quality à ;. The rich range of models, sizes, volumes and upholstery is accompanied by a truly assorted catalog of fabrics, leather and eco-leather, pleasant to the touch, resistant, different in colors, decorations, textures and textures. From the più finishes; classic to those più current and combinable, each pu&origin; customize with a unique style Fratelli Mirandola brand sofas and armchairs.