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Oak Collection

New line of Oak Collection dressers

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The modern nightstands collection

Modern nightstands for bedrooms all made with solid wood.

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The classic dresser and nightstands collection

White or wooden dressers and nightstands with a shabby chic appeal and much more.

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Solid wood bedside tables

Organize with functionalityà the bedroom è possible not only by means of cabinets and large wardrobes, but also thanks to the 26-rsquo; insertion of comò and bedside tables: small and compact night accessories that allow you to order linens and clothing, always having everything l’ needed at your fingertips. For this all’ interior of our collections d’ furnishing for the sleeping area you will find an almost infinite varietyà of comò and wooden bedside tables, from più different shapes and finishes. The starting point of our artisan production è always the solid wood, chosen among the più essences; fine and robust, but the proposed models range from modern and rigorous bedside tables to com&charts; rounded and classic, enriched with new handmade decorations, without neglecting furniture with a vintage and romantic Provencal taste.