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In line kitchen with containment bench and island

Mood is born from an aggregation project in which conviviality and crea- tivity come together. Matter, design, craftsmanship and technology come together to give the project contemporary solutions, creating content and forms to best interpret the multiple needs related to everyday life.

Kitchen with an essential and minimal design given by the door with a 35 ° inclined edge and the flat groove that make the opening. In autumn, three layers of brushed solid wood with horizontal veining, in a smooth matt lacquered finish.

Soup tureens and trays, glasses and cups, collected in the vertical open compartment. The sense of the kitchen of the past, where the objects did not stop only for a quick use, but made a show of themselves for the decorum and the embellishment of the house. An island detaches from the operational area to define useful volumes and alternative surfaces, dedicated to simple and familiar operations.

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