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Kitchen in brushed spruce

Comfort is the essential requirement for those who daily perform the ritual of the table. The Cottage furniture enriched here and there by well-finished doors, together with the well-arranged spacious and proportioned spaces, invite you to move naturally until you reach the living area of the house, forming simple or articulated compositions that go beyond the kitchen area. A har- monious cohesion between the work area and the convivial area where it is a pleasure to welcome friends for the happiest evenings.

The counter supports express the sense of a tactile relationship with the things you create. The hands work, accompany and transform the food and then enjoy the results, which have acquired the flavor of nature.

Cottage, the new classic. A house is built around a kitchen. It is a symbol but also a reality. The two aspects intertwine and compete for the definition of this magical place. Doors with shoulders and central paneling made of three layer fir with a brushed finish.

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